Office Roster Widget

This is the Office Roster widget. Suitable for WordPress and PHP only. This provides an office-centric view of Users in the Roster, with permalink support.

The presentation of information is similar, however, the key difference is that this widget provided permalinks for Agents’ Profile pages – i.e. the Profile page for all Users on the Roster is an actual addressable URL.

Additionally, the default widget view shows Offices and then allows a drill-down to see Agents.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how it’s done.

Photo of Molly Brown

Molly Brown



Charlie Smith Realty
Denver Central
1000 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80203

How It’s Done

This widget only works on WordPress or PHP websites. Below you’ll find the widget code showing you how this display is generated.

For WordPress

The widget MUST be on a page named /team/
[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_OfficeRoster" filter="mappin:blue+mappincur:red"]


The widget MUST be on a page named /team/

<div id=”MBBv3_OfficeRoster” filter=”mappin:blue+mappincur:red””></div>

Additional Views

Once the widget is setup on a page named /team/ the other views are generated automatically by the plugin.

For Example:

  • Agents in an office:
  • All Agents:
  • Agent profile page: