Pre-Defined Search Form

The search form widget can be placed on any number of pages, as well as serving its purpose on your main search page.

You may apply filters to the search form which will have the effect of pre-selecting those criteria on the search form!

See this example, where the filter on the search form ensures that the results are just residential homes (“attached residential ” and “detached residential”), and not the other property types (“land” and “income”).

(The filter is written as: filter=”property_type:detsf,attsf”)

This filter is easy to create using the WIZARD in your Leads and Contacts account.

Click the “Filters” button on the search form to see these values selected!

How It’s Done

Here is the widget code showing you how this display is generated.

The Property Display WIZARD in your Account lets you use an easy-to-use MLS search form to automatically generate these code snippets!

For WordPress:

[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_SearchForm" filter="mls_id:demo+property_type:detsf,attsf"]


<div id="MBBv3_SearchForm" filter="mls_id:demo+property_type:detsf,attsf"> </div>