Custom Search Links

The easy-to-use Wizard in your account will help you create these links.

These handy links are simple weblinks – once you have them created, you can embed them on a web page, email them, post them on Facebook – in fact, you can use them anywhere where you can post a link.

Examples With MLS Criteria

These examples are fairly straightforward – but you can use ANY available MLS criteria in these links:

Examples With Other Listing Criteria

Other criteria include: MLS Agent ID, MLS Office ID, has photos, recent price drop, open house (where available).

For example, show listing by ANY Agent ID or ANY Office ID:

How It’s Done

These are the underlying links that were generated using the WIZARD for each of the above links.

Here is the widget code showing you how these links are generated.

The Create Custom Search Link WIZARD in your Account gives you use an easy-to-use MLS search form to automatically generate these links.

And other criteria: