Show property summary stats based on a filter

This is a test of planned function. This is Beta and not launched. Support for this function is limited.
There are 2 method shown here
1. Get summary stats based on a filter
2. Create a table of values

Summary Stats By Filter

These 3 sections show how the 4 summary stats (max price, min price, avg price and count of active) can be generated based on any filter.

1. City of Arvada, Detached Single Family

Min Price: $
Max Price: $
Avg Price: $
Detached Single Family Properties:


2. City of Arvada, Attached Single Family

Min Price: $
Max Price: $
Avg Price: $
Attached Single Family Properties:


3. City of Arvada, Land

Min Price: $
Max Price: $
Avg Price: $
Land Properties:


4. City of Arvada, Condos over $800,000

Min Price: $
Max Price: $
Avg Price: $
Number of Condos on the Market:


Summary Stats In A Table

These section shows a summary table of property type and various stats based on a filter.

5. Group Summary

[easyembed field=”jstable”]

[easyembed field=”js”]

How It’s Done

For the first 4 sections, JavaScript is used in each case to generate the values.
Values are displayed on the page using a span with a unique class that is referenced in the JavaScript:

<h3>1. City of Arvada, Detached Single Family</h3>
<div>Min Price: $<span class="price-min"></span></div>
<div>Max Price: $<span class="price-max"></span></div>
<div>Avg Price: $<span class="price-avg"></span></div>
<div>Detached Single Family Properties: <span class="props-ttl"></span></div>

Standard Widget Filters can create the precise analysis you seek.
Then use JavaScript to dynamically get values for each of the span class names values:

<script>var url = "";
 url: url.replace(/\+/g, "%2B"),
 success: function(response){

In case 5 – Group Summary, JavaScript is used to generate the values and references a HTML table that is on the page.