Logged In Variable

This page shows how you can use the Logged in Global Variable to display details or hide details on a page.

In this particular case, we are hiding access to a PDF download unless the User is logged in!

You are NOT Logged in!
You ARE logged in!

How It’s Done

There are two parts to this:

  1. The HTML which contains named elements
  2. The JavaScript that hides or shows the elements based on the presence of the MBB.data.lacid variable which will indicate that the Lead is Logged in.

<div class="bfg-not-logged-in">

You are NOT Logged in!


<div class="bfg-logged-in">

You ARE logged in!


The JavaScript

jQuery(document).on("mbb-widgets-loaded", function() {

if ( MBB.data.lacid ) {

$(“.bfg-logged-in”).show() ;

$(“.bfg-not-logged-in”).hide() ;

} else {

$(“.bfg-logged-in”).hide() ;

$(“.bfg-not-logged-in”).show() ;



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