Custom Search Form 2

This form showcases a custom design and layout mimicking ‘material’ design using general search fields.
This sample code is available from our Codepen!
Remember the presentation of your form, specifically the search fields, field values, layout, design and content of custom search forms is entirely up to you!

Features of this form include:

  • Custom design and CSS
  • Type ahead Area search box for city/neighborhood/zip

Start typing in the location field e.g. “arvada”

[easyembed field=”New-select”]

How It’s Done

Look at the source code for this page to see the custom code.
All the form code is grouped together including CSS, HTML and any JavaScript required code.

The FORM is made up of custom HTML. The layout and design is arbitrary.
In this case, the design uses the CSS responsive framework we supply with the Buying Buying plugin – these all start with #MBBv3.
You will see the additional CSS we added to style the form with ‘material’ styling effects.

There is a small block of JavaScript that is required to enable the function of the city/neighborhood/zip area selection field.

More documentation and code examples are provided on the Support Site.